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Upholstery New YorkThere can be a fine balance between protecting the worth of antique or vintage furniture by not reupholstering it, yet perhaps no one will want it if its condition is truly bad. Therefore, the best solution may be to bring it to an upholstery in New York business to make it appear fresh and new again.
Still not convinced? Unless you plan on taking it to auction, here are good reasons to increase the value of your furniture with new upholstery in New York.
1. Resale purposes. Whether you make a living reselling antique or vintage furniture, or you simply sell items on online reseller sites occasionally, you may have some old items of furniture that are not selling. It can be a hard decision to decide to go to the expense of storage, or toss it at the dump. In some cases, reupholstering a couch or chair may make the item more attractive to buyers, particularly the ones who are purchasing for interior design reasons, rather than authenticity. It’s also your furniture—you get to choose what you want to do with it.
2. Keep that vintage or antique look. Many people erroneously believe that once an item of furniture has been reupholstered, that it will look outside its period. That’s not true. The talented upholstery business in New York can help you choose fabrics that are suitable to a particular decade or period, whether it’s Victorian, 60s, or modern. You can keep the overall look of your period pieces.
3. Increase the worth of family heirlooms. While you may not necessarily be increasing the historical worth of your furniture by reupholstering it, you are certainly increasing its worth in the eyes of your family. Will your kids want to inherit furniture that is old or worn out? Probably not. But if you go to the effort of having family heirlooms redone, the chances are increased that the kids will want your heirlooms. You can even ask for input to see what types of fabric, colors, and patterns they like.
4. Get it out of storage. You may have had good intentions when you placed your parents’s old furniture into storage. “One day I shall have a space for it,” you may think. But often time creeps up, and we end up paying for furniture storage for several years. Soon comes the time to give up the storage unit and decide what to do with the contents. Taking your old furniture to a reupholster can give it an entirely new look. If you take it to Dreams, they can even refinish the paint or varnish.
There are many ways to increase the value of your old, vintage, or antique furniture. You can change the upholstery fabric, order matching cushions, and have the wood repainted or refinished. Whatever you decide, when you get your like-new reupholstered furniture back into your living or dining room, you’ll have a new appreciation for it. Upholstery New York
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