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Upholstery BrooklynMoving is always an exciting challenge. Often you get to move closer to your job in NY, giving you a shorter commute. Most people move because they find a better apartment, and that means it’s the perfect opportunity for interior design and decorating. Rather than dumping your old furniture, take it to Dreams Upholstery, so it can be reupholstered, and refurbished.
Here are some tips to help you during your move to Brooklyn.
1. Effective packing. Do you have a spot in your new Brooklyn apartment for all your furniture? If not, now is the time to post an online ad to get rid of it. Moving can be expensive, so you don’t want to pay to have your movers move old furniture you no longer want.
2. Consider reupholstery. For the furniture you are taking to your new place, you may wish to have it updated to look like new again, or to even fit the decor of your new place. Perhaps you’ve decided you’re going to have a completely new look in your living room. You can select new fabric for your couch, armchairs, and dining room chairs, without having to buy completely new furniture.
3. Save time. Rather than have the movers take your furniture from your old apartment to your new place in Brooklyn, have the upholstery business pick it up from your old place, work on it, and then have it delivered to your new residence. This will save you time, and gives you a few less worries during your move.
4. Donate it. If you feel that you have absolutely no use for certain possessions, rather than dumping them, donate them to a charity. They’ll sell the items and the cash will benefit people in need. It’s also a better option when you feel that you don’t want to go to the hassle of selling it online. Give someone else a chance to buy it, and perhaps they’ll want to have it reupholstered.
5. Order new cushions. Nothing brightens up an old but favorite couch than brand new cushions. But if you don’t want those cheap ones from the big box store that only last a year, order your new cushions from Dreams Upholstery. They can help you choose from hundreds of different fabric swatches. It’s almost too much choice—but you can truly get what you want! These cushions will also be more durable, comfortable, and last longer.
6. Order new draperies to match your couch. If you’re having your couch reupholstered, your drapes should match the room too. Often you only get basic drapes with a rental in Brooklyn. Pack them away, and order exactly what you want from Dreams. You’ll also have the benefit of having nice thick drapes to keep up the busy sights and sounds of NYC.
No matter why you’re moving to Brooklyn, or the type of home you’re moving into, your old furniture can benefit by being reupholstered. Add some new cushions and drapes, and you’ll soon feel at home.  Upholstery Brooklyn
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