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Must-Have Qualities of a Top Custom Upholstery Design Company

While there are many custom upholstery design companies in New York, it would be much more worthwhile for you to pick the best one, which can specifically cater for your design needs. At Dreams Upholstery and Draperies, we can customize our work to fit your taste and lifestyle. When you hire us, consider yourself being served by a top custom promotional furniture supplier as we possess these following qualities:

- Creativity in Providing Custom Made Furniture

As you search for “custom made furniture NYC,” a top studio can usually provide various designs upon request. Creativity and practical thinking towards producing quality pieces are normally required since your ideal furniture may serve as the centerpiece or notable accents of your interiors.

We are attentive enough to listen to your design requirements, towards achieving the ideal output. Whether you’re a fan of shabby chic, Zen-inspired or rustic looking pieces, a top shop would incorporate your design inspirations and come up with a unique piece to suit your taste. This should make your “Upholstery NYC” search, even more, worthwhile.


- Prompt Deliveries as a Requirement to Your Upholstery Store NYC” Look Up

What also makes us exceptional is our lack of patience when it comes to letting unfinished furniture sit in our store for too long. Upon agreeing on a schedule, our top custom upholstery design professionals would be quickly carrying out their expertise so they could deliver their output earlier if not on time.


- Exquisite Methods of Handling Furniture

As an exceptional custom made furniture supplier, we’re also experts in handling refined pieces, especially if they are antique. We make sure each line of the furniture piece would be attended to with applicable methods of care, as we introduce new pieces of materials within their upholstery process. As an owner, it is advisable for you to take an inventory on the condition of your furniture before sending it out to an upholsterer. Write down the details of your observations, so you may also know the condition to expect once your newly upgraded design gets brought back.


- Exceptional Customer Service

As a top custom upholstery design provider, we are also accommodating when it comes to dealing with our clients. This means we will be helpful and easy to speak with as some clients would inquire about the details of our services. For instance, if a customer is having difficulty upon deciding on a design, we would be patient while our customers make up their minds on finalizing their preferences.

Being a custom made furniture supplier, we would also be top notch since our representatives understand the value of the customers’ furniture pieces, especially when they are antique. As a result, we would be even more attentive to the details of caring for and upgrading the pieces.

These are just a few of the must-haves of a top custom upholstery design studio. When you work with Dreams Upholstery and Draperies, you will be assured to experience these qualities so if you have any upholstery project, which needs to be cared for, don’t hesitate to reach us today at


Have a gimps of one of our recent works below.

Custom Upholstery Design Company NY - Dreams Upholstery

Custom made Gramercy Penthouse Outdoor Cushions by Dreams Upholstery
Our client envisioned having some cushions and pillows for this beautiful terrace in a penthouse, in which we had to produce. In addition to the cushions Dreams also had the task to produce the pillows. All these items had outdoor fabric, foam & inserts so that it would resist the elements. Lastly the bench cushions were tied in between the slits of the bench so that the cushion would remain in place.

Dreams Upholstery & Draperies

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